Top 10 Succesful Tips for achieving high score in Exams

We know exams are nearing. Students must be worried how can we tackle the upcoming public examinations. Parents must be worried about how they can help their children achieve high scores in their exam.

Now a days, the competition is increasing day by day. May be in an exponential scale . We have to struggle to cope up in this competitive world. Success is the Mantra. We should have to struggle with a goal oriented mind. To achieve success in life, we should set goals. We should goals at each stage of life-short term goal, medium term goal, and long term goal. Suppose your long term ambition is to become a doctor. You should have to start your preparations straight from your tenth class itself. The first bottleneck you have to tackle through is the entrance examination. For that you should have to make strong foundation with the basics straight from your school level. Fix your short term goal be at scoring good marks in school level exams. Fix your medium term goal to be cracking the entrance examination. And long term goal to be yourself accomplished as a successful doctor. When you plan all these, never get disheartened at an intermediate stage. Never stop in between. Struggle…Keep on trying till the success is yours. When you dream, dream for the stars. Then only you can reach the sky at least. Success should like an inebriant in your brain.

These are the three success rules


Motivation is something which makes a wish or a dream a reality. Success will be at our fingertip if we are self-motivated. There should be an inner drive for success. We should develop an intense desire for what we dream for. The same time, we should not get disheartened at the falls of the journey.

2. Hard work

‘There is no success without hard work’. Success is always followed by hard work. Hard work and success go hand by hand. All the success stories will tell about hard work only. There is no substitute for hard work. “Paadam aachaaryamaadattam, paadam shishyah swamedhayaa,paadam sahabrahmachaaribhyah, paadam kaalakrameena cha.” It means that the student learns one-fourth from his teacher, one-fourth by his own efforts, one-fourth from his friends and classmates,and  the remaining one-fourth slowly in the course of his life. All the greatest inventions we heard so far, owe to the hard work of the great scientists. Sachin Tendulkar used to practice 16 hours a day. If he did that, it is possible for us also. But the one put all the hard work with a strong and determined mind is the pride of cricket now. Hard work brings the first key to success

3. Perseverance

Another important success rule is perseverance. One may have the desire for something. Anyone can dream for anything. Dreams should not be left as dreams alone. There should be an inner drive for it. We should struggle for it with a very strong determination from the inner mind. We should make our dreams our passion. Then Gandhiji had a dream, an Independent India. He did not stop in the middle. He was beaten and jailed. He was challenged all the ways they could. Yet he didn’t go back. Instead, he inspired many Indian young bloods into the Great Indian Independence Struggle. At last, the freedom we are enjoying today is the fruit of that great man’s struggle.

These are the tips for success in exams

1. Start preparations at least a month earlier

2. Find time to revise whatever we studied. The brain needs constant revise  and refreshment for everything

3. Study everything as if you love them. Never approach anything with the presumption that it is boring

4. Take regular rests in between study.

5. Find time to exercise yourself with games. It relaxes your mind and body.

6. After you study, try to memorize it. If you could relate with something related to your day-to-day activity that will be the best

7. Drink a lot of water. It reduces stress, increases the blood circulation through the brain.

8. Eat a lot of fruits and energy-rich foods.

9. For the study, prefer daytime. That will be the best time for study. That will be the time your brain is most active and attentive

10. Don’t stress yourself on the day and the day before the exam, be relaxed. Last minute preparations are never helpful

You must have heard of many success stories. You must have heard of many people attaining tremendous achievements. Also, you must have thought at least once how or when we can achieve those. Sachin Tendulkar the master blaster batsman and the star cricketer worshipped as the God of Cricket. It is not mere God‘s grace that he is what he is today. Strong Determination, Passion for cricket, Perseverance, Hard work are all those made him what he is today. Examples are many in History. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and so many. Their hard work, patience and the constant struggle for success brought up to the top of the world. Nothing is impossible. The world will come at our feet if we have the will.

All the very best for your examinations

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