How to manifest anything you want in your life overnight?

Over-night Manifestation Methods

How can we manifest anything you want in your life?  Do you need a successful career? A new job? A happy love life? Do you want to attract your soulmate? This manifestation method will attract anything you want in your life. All that you need to do is practice this manifestation method after removing all the negativity from your mind. This method is known as two cups overnight manifestation method.

The following are the procedures you have to follow get these things right

i. Take two cups

ii. Fill one of them with water

iii. Put a sticker on it written with your unhappy current situation.

iv. Put a sticker on the other cup with what you love to achieve in your life

v. Now take the water-filled glass and visualize the current situation. While visualizing try to involve all the sense

v.Pour the water in that glass to the unfilled one and visualize what you want to achieve

vi. And drink the water

Remember while beginning with try to manifest realistic dreams. Suppose that you are a fixed salary employee and you try to manifest you need a Ferrari, it might not be realistic. Over the course, we can manifest bigger dreams with this simple technique